Libyana Al Hura

Libyana Al Hura 14/4/2011
It was just confirmed that now you can call directly from the UAE to Libyana Al Hura. Please remember to add 9 after the 218.
Example 002189 92 xxx xxxx

Libyana Al Hura Update 7/4/20011

People in these countries and have the following service provider now can call direct to Libyana Al Hura. Please remember to add (9)  i.e 218-9-92 123-1234
Jordan – Zain
Egypt – Etisalat
Qatar – Q-tel

With the grace of Allah the Libyana network for the Free part of Libya (east of Ajdabiya) is now isolated from the Libyana network controlled by the Gaddafi regime.  For the time being you can now call using the following instructions.

To call Libyana Al Hurra network, you subscribe to be a customer of IDT (for international calling), OR, go online, and buy a prepaid card. When the new Libyana network completes the full migration process you will be able to call direct without this process. This is temporary until your telecom network operator configures their network users to call Libyana Al Hurra direct.  In the interim, to call the Libyana Al Hurra network you should purchase one of the following cards:

1. EU

A. Online SuperGold Card:$/

B. Boss Revolution

Sign up for account on

C. Hard Cards/other products

The destination is also opened on following regular products we sell in the streets:

The names of the products just fyi:

UK    HomeTalk                     Shukran

DE    Global One                   Sahara                Cooper

BE    Just Crazy                    XL Call (M)

GR    Mubarak                       Global One

IT      Welcome Challenge

CH    Mahgrev

ES    Global One

2. US/Canada

A. Online Card

The Megaclean card is now open and available at:

B. Boss Revolution

Sign up for an account at:


These cards are also accessible from a wide list of countries shown on the website (Europe/US/Canada).  If you are not calling from a country listed on the site you can call using the card from SKYPE or another VOIP provider.

NOTE: The dialling method for Libyana Al Hurra network is as you would call before but just add a 9 after the country code 218.
Example 218-9-92- 123-1234

*Calls to Libyana customers (west of Ajdabiya) will work as normal during this process and will not be affected as a result.

Tawasil Coordinator

تم بعون الله فصل شبكة ليبيانا عن قبضة نظام القذافي في المناطق الشرقية المحررة.  والان يمكنكم الاتصال بتلك المناطق عن طريق شبكة ليبيانا الحرة باتباع التعليمات التالية:

عليك ان تكون مشترك مع ال اي دي تي (للاتصالات الخارجية) او تستطيع شراء بطاقة مسبقة الدفع عن طريق الانترنت مثل بطاقة سوبر جولد واللتي يمكن الحصول عليها من قائمة واسعة من البلدان اللتي تظهر على الموقع التالي :$/

وهذامؤقتا حتى يتم نقل شبكة ليبيانا الحرة كليا

كيفية الاتصال كما يلي:

الرجاء اضافة 9 بعد رمز البلد 218 ثم الطلب كالمعتاد.

مثلا: 1234-123-92-9-218

يرجى الملاحظة: المكالمات الى مشتركي ليبيانا في طرابلس ستعمل كالمعتاد خلال هذه الفترة الانتقالية ولن تتأثر

20 Responses to “Libyana Al Hura”

  1. Elfaitori says:

    Dear brothers,

    Thanks for your effort and JAK.
    One of the best affordable cards available in the US and Canada is The Continental phone card

    I am planing to contact the company and request adding the new country/area code to the service. Is there any specific info I need to provide?

    Thanks a again,


  2. tawasil says:

    Thank you brother.
    You can help by contacting your local provider and ask them to add the new area code (2189) to their routing system. The card provider are working with us and helping us to add the 2189 code. Naser

  3. AHMED says:

    Dear brother,
    I called my provider to add the new code to my access area which is you told us ,but the said to me the have contract with libyana and the can not add it in their route ,the want someone who has form libyana to make this change .

    secondly i try to use talk home card but it is not work to libya I mean with Libyana Alhura

    long live libya

  4. A Elbadri says:

    Thank you very much for your effort. another way to provide global and worldwide access is to include Skype to your network. Their paid service of Skype to landline or mobile numbers can be accessed from anywhere in the world and it is easy to access. Many mobile companies in Europe and North America also provide this through their 3G and 4G networks, and therefore do not need internet for those. I am not talking about the free Skype VOIP to VOIP, though this is also an additional bonus if accomplished. I mean the paid service so your service will also benefit for providing the local reception as usual similarly as you have with IDT.

  5. A Elbadri says:

    Assalamu alaikum again
    IDT just hiked its rates to more than double (33 to 39 Pence/min depending on how you access the service. While this is OK for those of us like myself who work, it is a lot for Students who many of them do not have scholarship anymore.
    We are very grateful for your good efforts, and making this possible.But enlarging your service providers will bring this down.

    Jazakum Allah Khairan

  6. tawasil says:

    I will take this with them, However unfortunately they control this and until we have all service provide open the line directly they can do what ever. We will have major provider open the line next week and should see rate back to normal rate (23-27) insallah. and just so you know the service inside Libya is free and people with Libyana sim card are calling each other for free for now. more good new will come we just need support and duaa.

  7. tawasil says:

    Insallah we will have major provide open the line next week and others will follow with out the need for a letter. Please talk to talk home about the issue and will let them know too. Naser

  8. Mohamed says:

    i bought credit on skype but i cant call libya. After i put +218-9-92******* it says invalid number. can you please help me.

  9. Aldernawy says:

    Tested 100% via skype thought calling:
    then enter pin number then call libyana as:


  10. tawasil says:

    Please try again as we are getting reports it is working 100%
    Tested 100% via skype thought calling:
    then enter pin number then call libyana as:

  11. Mohamed says:

    Im calling from the uk and the credit is on my account. I dont have a pin number.

  12. A Elbadri says:

    Dear Aldernawy,
    What do you mean with PIN number on Skype. I have a prepaid account as usual. could you explain in more detail please

  13. Aldernawy says:

    Hi Elbadri

    No need to recharge your skype account. Just login by skype software then click on Call phones at the bottom then call 8005064954 ( which is Toll Free number in USA ), you will hear welcome voice message asking to enter pin number.

    The pin number can be purchased from this page:
    $5 = 17 minutes

    Once you enter the pin code, you can enter Libyana number as the following:


    Now you can call benghazi from any country even from Tripoli via skype.

  14. Mustafa says:

    Yes brothers it worked on skype 100% and i called from sweden and i got 35 minuts for 20$.
    Thank you much Tawasil for the info.

  15. khaled says:

    السلام عليكم
    بالنسبة للاتصال من أمريكا
    بفضل الله قدرت انسق بين شركة أيدي تي وشركة أخرى برازيلية اسمها زينوفون وأضافة مفتاح شبكة ليبيانا الحرة لشركة زينوفون تعطيك الشركة تقريبا 10 دقائق مكالمات مجانا للتجربة بدون تسجيل أو أي حاجة وبعد هكي سعر الدقيقة تقريبا 24 سنت ..

  16. hatem says:

    I live in Finland, could you add finland in your list.

  17. tawasil says:

    I think most European countries now can call direct

  18. Saleh says:

    السلام عليكم
    الاتصال بليبيا عن طريق سكيب سعره ٤٢ سنت اضافه الي مصاريف فتح الخط ان اردت الاتصال بجوده عاليه وبسعر ٢٩ سنت وايضا الي مصراته فعليك بالاتصال ب ٠٠٤٤٢٠٣٢٩٨١٦٧٢ شكرا وتحيا الثورة٠

  19. Elbadri says:

    I contacted Skype to add the new area code ++2189. They replied very quickly and added the code, though still sometimes takes 2-3 trials before it connects and may give a recorded message that the code does not exist, but keep trying. Rate still high at 33pence/min. however, Skype out is available from anywhere in the world which is very convenient. Those in UK and some other countries, the Card Talk Home (different from Home Talk) gives a lot of minutes, on average works out 12 to 25 pence/min depending on what line you have and what access number you use. however, it always connects easily, and gives the best minutes if call taken uninterrupted.
    I hope this helps. we hope that Tawasil will re-instate the internet connection in Benghazi to allow free calls through VOIP live services.

  20. A Elbadri says:

    here is an access number (08434470000) for calls to Libyana Alhurra (New code 002189+Libyana mobile) that costs only 3p/min via BT landline (UK). other service providers may have additional charge. They also have some arrangement (not direct dial) via UK mobiles to Libyana Alhurra mobiles at 3p/min so check their website for details:
    unfortunately they charge much more ((25p/min) for besieged parts of Libya that is still under the dictatorship network.

    before you make very long calls please verify the actual cost with a test call.

    for those unaware of Libyana Alhurra, the Libyana network (mobiles starting 092) in the liberated parts of Libya from Emsa’ed egyptian borders to Ajdabia) had been separated from the original Libyana network and was given a new international code (002189) i.e. add 9 at the beginning of the actual phone number). Local calls remain free of charge.

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